Kent Memorial Young Homoeopath Oration of the Year


  • Nominee should be a valid DHMS/BHMS/MD degree holder and shall be a member in good standing of SDHA.
  • The Oration must be based on original work, the major quantum of which should have been done in India.
  • The subject of the Oration must relate to HOMOEOPATHY in any Clinical discipline or basic medical sciences or the natural sciences. The topic for oration is – Behavioral Disorders.


  • Candidate is to provide his membership details to participate.
  • Candidate is to provide copy of his valid Highest degree in stream of Homoeopathy.
  • Candidate should send his Curriculum Vitae with the list of his Scientific Publications (If any) highlighting his contribution to Homoeopathy.
  • All orations document should be restricted within 500 words and are to be sent to before 31 August 2019


  • A memento, certification will be given during the delivery of the Oration.
  • Free registration to SDHA for one Year


  • Participants received for a particular year will be considered ONLY FOR THAT YEAR and it will not be considered for the subsequent years.
  • The Committee may withhold the awards if, in their opinion, a certain standard is not reached.
  • Consistent with the objects of the oration, the Committee shall have the powers to make the changes in the conditions of the Oration, as new circumstances may render desirable.
  • To provide incentives to more young homeopaths, the person to whom the award has been given once shall not ordinarily be eligible for the same award again.
  • Members are not allowed to apply for more than one oration/lecture in any year.
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