Dr R.N. Wahi

Chairman, Organising Committee


Dr R.N. Wahi.

It was around the year 2000, when Dr. V.P. Gupta, Founder President of the South Delhi Homoeopathic Association came to my clinic, and simply asked me to join as a Life Member of the Association, I felt relaxed, that I would be away from the active responsibilities in the organization, and would be more a listener, and shall be just in touch with the fellow professional colleagues.

I could not have imagined that my dream was short-lived. The sudden demise of Dr. Gupta from the scene in July, 2005, during the midst of the organization’s activities for Kent Memorial Lectures could have left a vacuum, and create difficulty in the association. But, this was not so; Dr. Harbans Lal Bhatia Ji, & Dr. S.K. Mehta Ji, both much senior to me in the profession, as well as the association, promptly took upon torch, and ensured that there was no gap either in the regular C.M.Es, or the Kent Memorial Lectures. Due to my own personal limitations, I could not take active role at that time, but the committed role of both these senior doctors, and the dedicated team with them was all that was sufficient for me to accept the role assigned to me.

It is a matter of pride for me to say that at the South Delhi Homoeopathic Association, we are working like a family, and taking care to accommodate each other, whenever he or she is not able to devote full time due to one factor or the other. Any person who has got a clear concept that the Organization is always above the individuals, and not the other way round, shall always enjoy being a part of the Association. It is this motto which has now created a niche for the South Delhi Homoeopathic Association, and the Kent Memorial Lectures, its annual 2 day prestigious event. It is this feeling that in another year, we shall be able to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Kent Memorial Lectures. It is more of the joint family environment that has helped the Association K.M.L. to gain a respectable image in the profession.The important thing to be appreciated in SDHA, is that nobody bothers about the designation allotted, as it is only a matter of convenience to mention, otherwise, any of the member could be assigned any responsibility, and it is the collective consensus that prevails in the working. At the same time, it also becomes a challenge each year, and provokes to do something different every time to keep the flag flying.

I invite all of you to become an active member of the Association, and devote your energies to bring the qualitative upgradation each year, and take Homoeopathic System to become the first line of treatment by masses. We have to keep updating ourselves with the latest developments; share our experiences, whether success or failure, both as we fully believe that identification of failure is a step towards success.