About Founder President

Per force and of necessity this editorial is in the shape of Shradhanjali a Tearful tribute to a person who sacrificed his high post in a most reputable company, took to homoeopathy and founded a needfully different type of Association, which started as a group of like minded homeopaths of South Delhi and was thus named as South Delhi Homoeopathic Association.

Due to its appeal it spread to the entire Capital Region and then to the whole Country. Dr. V.P. Gupta was its founding father (administratively called the Founder President).

His personal vision, approach and charisma took almost all the leading homoeopaths into the fold of the Association. All these experts were only too willing to share their knowledge and experience with the members of the Association, during monthly scientific meetings, seminars and the national homoeopathic conference titled Kent Memorial Lectures, organized by the Association regularly at the prestigious venue of PHD House.

A Tribute by Dr. V.N.Ghai

On 6th July, 2005 Dr. V.P. Gupta telephoned me and suggested a short drive since the weather was so pleasant. I agreed, (I had not gone out of my house for the last about three months due to my own severe health problems) so he drove me for seven – eight kilometers in spite of his being unwell and drove me back home. Could I have ever imagined that it was a last occasion I would have seen and met him? He suddenly departed on 15th of July, 2005, and cruel hands of fate did not give him time to train his colleagues or even think of a successor. We at SDHA are naturally feeling bewildered and even though the loss is irreparable, we are trying our best to keep the flag flying and nursing the lamp lighted by him. We do hope all of us will forgive us for any shortcomings and deficiencies due to his absence, and the void left as a result.

Dr. V.P. Gupta will be remembered for a long time in the years to come and we will continue to come and we will continue to draw inspiration from his main qualities – specially the followings:

Vision: It was his vision which noticed the various shortcomings and defects in the working of other Associations and thus started one without these defects – perhaps the only one of its kind which was without any politics or groupism, emphasizing all the time on CME (Continued Medical Education), Monthly Scientific Meetings were held so regularly that in 12 years not a single meeting was missed – and Dr. V.P. Gupta was the only person who attended ALL the meetings. It was his vision which was responsible for starting the National Homoeopathic Conference and named it KENT MEMORIAL LECTURES – The Mission statement adopted in the year 2000 was also a product of his vision. Before his passing away he had already provided the Association with its own exclusive office.

Leadership: He provided an ideal leadership and on most of the occasions exhibited an exemplary ability and grasp to take charge of the situation which would have gone out of control, specially during various meetings, seminars and conferences, as well as for planning of various activities. At times when a speaker finished his presentation before time or when he did not turn up Dr. Gupta always had the ‘filler’ ready and the event went on smoothly.

Sincerity and Hard work: Even having ill health at times, he put in the amount of work, several times more than any other officer. That he was most sincere and dedicated could not be questioned at any time.

Push and Drive: These rare qualities made Dr. Gupta near and dear to most of us, as also to various experts and speakers and none could refuse to do the work assigned by him. Recently there was an expert who did not make himself available for presentation. It was a unique personal characteristics of Dr. Gupta who made speakers give their consents without any promise of reimbursement of air / train fare, boarding / lodging. He had excellent rapport with most of experts and his contacts with them was all the year round.

There were many other qualities in him which will keep guiding and inspiring us, since he was our menter, guide and friend.

May his soul rest in peace and may the Almighty grant courage to his nears and dears to bear this irreparable loss.

Dr. V.N.Ghei